Computing demand is at all-time highs and will continue to skyrocket, especially with the proliferation of AI.

Today's data centers were designed for yesterday's computing needs and are reliant on inefficient and polluting back-up power solutions. 

They are not designed to meet customers’ multiple requirements, they are fundamentally unsustainable, and they are not able to efficiently handle the unique and flexible nature of AI computing.

They have pushed the electrical grid to — and, in some key markets, beyond — the breaking point, threatening the ability to scale critical digital infrastructure.

It’s time for a change.

We’re building the next generation of data centers. 

We bring a new approach to tackling these complex issues, including electrical and cooling systems architecture and the replacement of underutilized power assets with a comprehensive energy management system.

By addressing these challenges collectively, Verrus data centers are designed to intelligently optimize a wide range of compute and can deliver up to 99.999% availability when required, while also accommodating the variability afforded by more flexible AI compute.

Our power flow management and energy optimization systems make our data centers grid aware, carbon aware, and compute awareTM.

Grid Aware

We balance energy use to minimize stress on the electrical grid, making our data centers assets to the grid without compromising our customers’ availability requirements.

Carbon Aware

We optimize for our customers’ desired carbon profiles so they can achieve their sustainability goals and reduce emissions in the communities where they operate.

Compute Aware

We deliver a balance of up to 99.999% availability and more flexible power for workloads that can be batched, like certain AI compute.

At Verrus, we tailor our solutions to your unique requirements.